Virtual office: the pros and cons of working online

It’s not a secret that we are getting more and more freedom in the era of devices, Internet and almost endless possibilities. We can study anywhere, live anywhere and work from any point on the map. You just need to have a PC or laptop, a phone and a stable Internet connection.

Let’s look at pros and cons of working online. What can give you and your team getting rid of your stationary office?

First let’s list the cons:

  If you hire staff in different countries, the time difference might matter. But even if it’s 9 or 10 hours you still can pick decent time for daily skype conferences or phone calls to discuss questions you need.

  Another one will probably be the lack of personal communication. It’s true that personal communication helps to build an atmosphere of trust, helps to get to know each other better and as a result to make collaboration more effective. But this can be solved by setting several team buildings a year somewhere in a nice place. It’ll give your team an opportunity to escape from daily routine, relax and get closer.

Well, this is probably it. Not much, right?

And what about pros?

  The first one is probably having an opportunity to hire the right people from all over the world. Nowadays a lot of high quality specialists live not in the capitals but in different regional cities and towns, some of them leave their home countries and move to other places where they are happy to live. Why not working with them if they can give you a real value?!

•   Your team members have an opportunity to work in the hours when they are most effective. They don’t loose 2, 3 or even 4 hours a day for just getting to the office and staying in traffic. They can spend this time with their family or friends, for their hobbies, be happy and work more effective for you.

  The level of compensation is pretty much the same with offline positions.

  You don’t spend money for renting a place for the office and for other expenses that an offline office requires.

These are probably the main ones. And we at Toucan Software Development Group decided to take and advantage of all the pluses that virtual office could give us. Experts from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, the USA and Cyprus work successfully in our team. We communicate via e-mails, Skype, What’s up app, Google hangouts and use other programs that make life easier. We know from our own experience that working online is much more efficient than being stuck in four walls from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or even later.

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