Using Agile

Due to the market situation in general and situation in IT industry all the IT companies want to be ‘faster, higher, stronger’. We’re not an exception. But we understand that in fact you need to be more flexible in order to be more successful.

We’re a young team. Some could say ‘you don’t have enough experience’ but we’ll answer ‘we have innovative technologies and methods that make us better than any other company with 50-years experience’.

One of these methods is Agile. It’s a newest method of building working processes in a company. It’s used widely in IT companies all over the world and now it’s coming to us.

What is it about?

Agile is an accelerating methodology of project development. It minimizes risks by introducing short cycles or iterations of development, which usually last from one to several weeks.Each iteration is a mini software project.

Usually, a separate iteration is not enough for a new release of a product but it is assumed that at the end of each iterationa flexible software project is ready for release. This means that a project can be divided into small pieces, generating a profit immediately after development. By making small releases on a regular basis you are be able to:

improve the quality of your program code and of the work in general;

increase the transparency of all processes;

reduce the costs of market entry.

get feedback of your end customer on the first stages and make appropriate changes not waiting when the product is finished

Each iteration is designed to solve the priority problems at the time when the iteration starts. At the end of each iteration the team revaluates the priority of tasks that need to be done.

This method also involves a special team-work. We don’t work one by one; we’re a single team. This makes us faster and more efficient.

As a team we can

implement more efficient solutions while working on the product development;

ensure the best quality control;

transfer knowledge within the team faster.

Using Agile method also means involving a Client into the project heavily. By cooperating with Client on day-to-day bases we ensure that the product has the features Client expects and we can implement Client’s comments right away. This means that we don’t loose time, which is precious. Another bonus of using Agile for a Client is savings. As practice shows, projects that were done using Agile method cost less due to their efficiency.

Due to Agile philosophy the best measuring instrument of progress is the working software. And we support this entirely. Each couple weeks you’ll see working software, which gives you control over our work, deadlines and budgets.

So, the main ideas of Agile are the following:

people and communicationsare over processes and tools;

working product is more important than comprehensive documentation (it doesn’t mean that we don’t do documentation at all. We do!);

cooperation with a Client is more important than agreeing the terms of the contract;

flexibility is more important than following the original plan.

We think that these points are pretty reasonable and always follow them. Hopefully, you will also find them reasonable and effective.

Have we convinced you that working with ‘young and promising’ is better than with ‘experienced and clumsy’? Agile is used by huge companies like EPAM where integrating new processes cost huge money and management skills. That means that it works and it’s worth it! If you have any questions or doubts – give us a call! We’ll be glad to chat with you and find the most efficient way of developing your app.

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