Twigfix – make Internet safe for your kids

Small kids – small problems, big kids – big problems, isn’t that right?


One of the biggest opportunities of our time is Internet. We find there a lot of information, entertainment, socialization, educational materials, etc. Our kids start to explore Internet world very early. Almost all kids at the age of 2 or 3 already can use Youtube, pick favorite cartoon and watch it. On the one hand it’s great, but on the other…


Is there only kids’ friendly content online? Do you want your little one to be able to watch/read all the content that’s online? At this point responsible parents start to think how to control what content their kids consume.  


And here so called ‘parental control applications’ can help. One of the good ones is Twigfix. It can block harmful websites (which means you can set a blacklist of words or links that would be prohibited for you kids online). All other websites that don’t content harmful words inside or in the link would be opened.


Also you can set whitelists if you prefer to limit the number of websites that your son or daughter is allowed to visit even more.   


The older your kid gets – more curious he gets. Soyouwillneedtohave a goodhelper to protect him from harmful written content, pictures of videos. Twigfixis a goodone. Tryit.


The good news is also that it’s absolutely free. So, we can say a big thank you to developers – Toucan Software.

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